FRTC Modernization IEC Meeting (8/31/2021) - Shared screen with speaker view
IEC Support #2
opening the meeting now
Please be patient - we are having feedback issues
IEC Support #2
FROM YVONNE MORI: This is Yvonne Mori from Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe. I voted no on adding Eureka County because Congress determined who was on this IEC and I do not see where we have the authority to override Congress's designation.
IEC Support #2
FROM YVONNE MORI: I would like to propose to Discuss impacts of Navy operations on cultural and natural resources on the existing base
IEC Support #2
FROM YVONNE MORI: It appears that all of our comments were rejected and it is premature to move forward without the BIA present. The Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe still opposes approving this. Currently all of the Tribers are lumped together and this too is an issue. We were told to turn our comments in which we followed and met the deadlines.
IEC Support #2
FROM YVONNE MORI: This timeline is about the Navy and not the issues at hand which is the cultural and natural resources that still have not been addressed
Yvonne Mori
All Tribes are lumped together and that is inappropriate and reflects lack of outreach. Clearly the Navy has not even coordinated enough with the Tribes to get a description of each one.
Yvonne Mori
Why did we get a response to our FPST comments less then 24 hours before this meeting?
Yvonne Mori
Also, past votes of this IEC particulary with few Tribes present, can't override Congress
Yvonne Mori
Each Tribe is their own Sovereign Government just like all of the individual Counties yet the Tribes are all lumped together as one and we shouldn't be
Yvonne Mori
About more outreach...….you asked for our comments and ignored them. If you want to improve outreach with the Tribes then listen to what they are all saying and don't treat us like a check list.
Yvonne Mori
This whole process takes time to do it right and this is being rushed and Tribal concerns are not being addressed in a meaningful way. Our Cultural Resources can't be replaced and it is our Cultural responsibility to protect them.
Yvonne Mori
We aren't addressing the issues so I have nothing further to say.
Yvonne Mori
Yes you are correct Chairman Smokey
Yvonne Mori
Thank You Chairman Smokey